Minimalist House Architecture

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Minimalist house architecture - minimalism has be e quite popular over the years as a design philosophy and way of life minimalist architecture is about achieving better design through simplicity in visual arts music and other mediums minimalism is an art movement that began in post world war ii western art most strongly with american visual arts in the 1960s and early 1970s the marc thorpe sharp house maintains material and geometric integrity within the architecture and makes use of these elements to reflect the program d esigned by mies van der rohe in 1945 and constructed in 1951 the farnsworth house is a vital part of american iconography an exemplary representation of both the international style of architecture as well as the modern movement s desire to juxtapose the sleek streamline design of modern structure with the organic environment of the i hope the sun is out where ever you are because dem plants need it.

thomas loves house plants when i met him he had this whole corner of his house packed with them 360 win t is small modern home designed by altius architecture with cathy garrido as a lead architect located in toronto canada it is a 3 bedroom home with minimalist interior design built to take maximum of daylight and natural ventilation join our 3 million followers in being up to date on architecture and interior design witnessing a performance at an opera house is a treat for all the senses their appeal lies not only in the magnificent performances but also in their decor architecture and the atmosphere of the place straight lines primary colors a lot of white black and gray shades are the basic features of the minimalist decorating style that has emerged as the most popular in decorating the living space posts about small modern and minimalist houses written by smallhousebliss